Over the past 8 years Little Angels has been a monumental part of our family. We kept coming back because we love you all! We will miss you and the positive influences you have had on our children.
— The Ornelaz Family
Thank you for a wonderful preschool experience! We can not say thank you enough for all that you do to provide a safe, fun and super creative environment for my baby!
— The Nicholson Family
Love, Love, Love all of you! Thank you for providing such a wonderful nurturing environment for all of us! My child even wants to come to school on the weekends!
I really liked that we had a Music and Spanish teacher. They were really nice. I loved the Yello Dyno safety program too. I learned a lot at Little Angels. I loved it and I miss it!
— Keira - Alumni Student
The teachers were really nice and fun and we did a lot of crazy songs and I still remember some of them. We got to learn a lot about God and Jesus and the Bible and they don’t teach that in my other schools.
— Carson - Alumni Student
I know my daughter is more than ready for Kindergarten and I know she will shine in her next phase of school because of the wonderful preparation she received at Little Angels. It is such a warm, loving place filled with laughter!
Brooklyn had such a successful first year of school and we are so thankful. We are very impressed with every aspect of the preschool.
— The Webb Family
Thank you so much for providing such an amazing learning environment for Grant to become a part of this year. His love for school and learning has grown. You all have truly touched our lives in a positive way!
— The Aguirre Family
The staff at Little Angels is nurturing, encouraging and knowledgeable. My three children have gone through the preschool program and the teachers are amazing at developing them at the educational level as well as giving the confidence and social skills to succeed in Kindergarten. It has become a second family to us; our experience has truly been wonderful!
— The Henry Family
Thank you for being a light and a smile for all 3 of my children over all these years. I generally do not trust anyone to care for my children but you have proved from day one to be trustworthy, loving and 100% concerned about their welfare.
— The Ganter Family
The Little Angels Preschool at St. Gabriel’s was a wonderful experience for my family. The kids learned about the Catholic faith in the classroom as well as a monthly worship service. They did fun science experiments, beautiful art, Spanish, music, reading and many many other things. My kids were so well prepared for Kindergarten and they developed a love a learning!
— The Bose Family
No words can properly thank you all enough for everything you have done for our family. Over the past 6 years my girls have grown, learned and thrived because of the amazing teachers they’ve had. Thank you for putting your heart, vision and direction into Little Angels.
— The Wilson Family
I love that it is faith based school and has a real family feel. They are are loving, dedicated teachers that LOVE their jobs and it feels like a community.
— The Anaya Family
The teachers are wonderful! They are always warm, friendly and love the children. The Directors are very supportive to the staff and families as well. The preschool also has great emergency plans in place and I appreciate the extra security doorways. We also loved the special events such as the Halloween Picnic, Christmas Musical and Splash Day!
— The McPharlin Family
Sophia has absolutely loved her first experience in school. I love that I can drop her off with no worries and the teachers are fantastic. I can be quite critical as a former teacher but I have no complaints!
— The Faulstich Family
I love that is a Christian preschool and with that comes the beliefs, morals and values that are Catholic based. As a parent who has had her children in secular preschools and then one that attended Little Angels, I have witnessed firsthand a difference. My daughter is still great friends with some of her classmates from when she was 4 and now she is 12!
— The Galvan Family