As Catholics we are called to service through our baptism. In trying to teach our children to think of others we support The Center for Working Families in Quito, Ecuador. They have commemorated over 50 years of love and service! Padre Halligan is in his 80’s and this has been his lifelong passion along with Madre Miguel and Madre Cindy.  Since it’s it very humble beginnings in the attic of a church the CWF has helped 6,000 families or 30,000 people leave poverty behind them forever! Be sure to look at their website for more information by clicking on the link -

       To tell you a little about The Center for Working Families, it is for impoverished children and their families to receive assistance and schooling in order to give them a better chance in life. A lot the children who are 5 and 6 years old are out on the streets of Quito trying to make money for the family by shining shoes. Picture your own child on the streets – that is what moved me when I spoke to Sister Cindy and visited the Center. The Center is able to provide the entire family 3 meals a day, an education in addition to medical and dental care but this only happens with our help! We would like to sponsor a teacher in their school. The teachers are paid only $200 a month and sometimes there is not enough to even make their payroll. 

    Last year we were able to meet our goal every month!

    I am sure you can understand their need. We will have our collection boxes in the classrooms for the kids to drop their donation envelopes into monthly plus we have scheduled some fundraiser events. These envelopes are attached to the monthly newsletter and if every student donated $3.00 a month we would be able to make our $200 goal.  Sometimes we host a pizza & ice cream social, February is the Pre- K  Circus and an Art Show sale in April- watch for more details and if you have any questions please ask. 

    The other charity fundraiser we will participate in is the Walk-a -Thon in February for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. I am sure you will agree we are very blessed to be born here in the United Sates and to have healthy children who can attend preschool. Please join us in helping those who are sick or impoverished. Thank you for your support and may God continue bless you and your family!